Trip to the Doctor

I’m going to the doctor today. I’m not sick though, and I’m not nervous or shy. Well, maybe a little shy, but not really. It’s because this time it’s not me that needs to see the doctor, it’s my little sister. She gets pretty scared going to the doctor because she only remembers going when she had to get her jags. She thinks that’s what always happens when you go the the doctor. I used to think that too, but now I don’t anymore. I know doctors only do that to stop you getting sick with really bad things that are serious, but once you get your jags you don’t need any more. Then, you only go to the doctor if you have a different thing wrong, and then you just get medicine to make you better, and don’t get jags or anything. My little sister doesn’t know that so she thinks that she’ll get jags today, even though mummy and daddy and me all said that she won’t.

My little sister has been sick for ages now, like, three whole days. She’s throwing up and everything, it’s gross! Lucky for me, I have my own room and she has her own room, and so we don’t have to share, ’cause last night she didn’t get up in time and was sick in her own bed and mummy had to change all the sheets and it was ever such a kerfuffle. Still, I let her cuddle in my bed to keep warm till mummy was finished, but she had to promise first that she wouldn’t be sick in my bed too.

Today I’m going with mummy and my little sister to the doctor because I want to help her understand that it’s all going to be okay. Mummy says it’s good that I’m being such a good big brother to her and everything, and that she is really proud of me for being so grown up and setting such a good example.

I held my little sister’s hand in the car all the way there and told her that it would all be okay and explained everything that would happen. When we got to the doctor’s, mummy told the lady at the desk who we were and we waited to see the doctor. My little sister was nearly sick again, but then she wasn’t. I kept talking to her. I even made her giggle a little bit but then she was nearly sick again. Then we got called through to see the doctor, and my little sister got scared again, but mummy and me took her through together. She sat on mummy’s knee and was really shy, but the doctor was really nice and talked to me and my little sister and said that there definitely wouldn’t be any jags. Soon my little sister was really brave and talked back to the doctor and told her what was wrong with her, because she knew that what me and mummy and daddy had said about there being no jags was true after all.

At the end, the doctor wrote out a note for some medicine for my little sister and never gave her any jags at all or anything, so my little sister was really happy about that. The doctor said that mummy must be really proud of me for doing such a good job of being a big brother and that my little sister was so brave and polite, so could she take both of us home with her?! I got a little shy about that because I like my own mummy, but mummy said that she wouldn’t give us up for anything and that yes, she was really proud of us both.

As a treat for us both being so good, mummy says we can choose any fun activity to do as our family outing this weekend, as my little sister will be better by then with the medicine from the doctor. I always said trips to the doctor weren’t scary and now my little sister agrees. In fact, I heard her ask mummy at bedtime if she could go back next week because the doctor was so nice, and that the medicine is working so well already!

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