She looked out over the sea, and yearned for her husband. It had been such a long time since they had seen one another. Her friends did not seem to understand. She should have known better. She knew what she was getting herself into when she married someone in the forces. What else could she expect?

Yes, they were right. Yes, she knew what she had signed up for. But they forgot that it was not that simple. She had not chosen who she had fallen in love with. Knowing that the man she loved would periodically have to go off for months or sometimes even years at a time, with no guarantee he would return in the condition he left, did not make those months any easier to bear.

She kept herself busy. She tried not to dwell on how much her heart ached to hear his voice. To feel him embrace. A whisper in her ear telling her he loved her. She fought back the tears, and sometimes anger when her friends refused to understand. She coped.

Sighing, she tore herself away from the horizon she felt constantly pulled towards. She could not spend her life waiting, no matter how hard it was to turn her back on her vigil. He would be back. And she would still be waiting. It’s just that she would have her own life and stories to share with him when he returned. With the same determination she had to muster every day, she stepped away to get on with her share of their life together.

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