Calling Mr. Sandman

She tossed and turned. Side. Back. Other side. Front. She mashed her pillow with her fist. Gripped her stuffed toy companion for comfort in the hope that it would help to settle her. Covers off. Covers on. Half off. Covers on with a leg dangling out the side. Leg quickly back in. Front. Side. Back. Other side. Back.

Her mind was racing. She had been exhausted when she came to bed. Her eyes had been drooping in front of the television, so when the programme had ended she had turned the set off and made her way to bed, making a visit to the bathroom to pee and brush her teeth beforehand. Her head hit the pillow, and instead of falling to sleep, apparently everything that had been quietly napping in the back of her head came crashing out and whizzed around, leaving her no respite.

Job application needed to be completed and handed in. The paperwork for her current job needed to be finished. She had a report to write for a meeting. What was the plan for work tomorrow? There were two groups to organise activities for. Her friend was coming to visit in a couple of months, the dates for that needed to be sorted so that the travel arrangements could be finalised. She was visiting a friend at the weekend. Her pay claims needed to be handed in by tomorrow and she’d forgotten to do them this evening. How was she affording everything she was planning to do this summer?

Thoughts crashed together and she was unable to focus on any one for more than a few moments before the next interrupted, followed by the next, jumping back and forth and round in circles. She tossed and turned, telling herself that she needed to sleep so that she could actually do things tomorrow and be productive so that all of these thoughts racing through her mind could be crossed off as a To Do list.

Checking her phone, she sighed in frustration as she realised that two hours had passed already. Sighing with frustration she hoped that it wouldn’t be too much longer before sleep took her over.

Come on Mr. Sandman,” she thought, “take me away.”

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