Requited Love

Oh, be still my beating heart, for the anguish that runs through my veins is nigh unbearable. How can my family be so blind, so unforgiving to the love which courses through my body?

She moved from the centre of the room, restless and fretful in her confinement. She glided towards the window, her sole means to view the outside world. Perching herself on the edge of the stone ledge, she tried to content herself as she searched redundantly for a glimpse of the man she loved.

Her father, outraged that she had even considered loving one of his servants, had banished her to the tower where she could overlook the battlements. Her father had then, in a ‘sporting move’ released the fiend in question, permitting him a brief reprieve before the hounds were unleashed and tore after him across the fields. Locked away high in the tower, dressed in her finest white silk she watched until she could bare to watch no more as the man she loved ran for his life. Eyes overcome with tears, she had turned away and cried herself to sleep, cold and alone.

For days she wandered back and forth in her prison tower. Becoming more and more depressed, she dreamt of happiness in the arms of her one true love. She spent hours by the window, hoping blindly that somehow he had survived and would come to rescue her. But it was not to be. As the days passed, she formulated her own plan to be with the one she loved. They would be together in the afterlife, as they were unable to be in this life. He was surely there now, and waiting for her. He would wait no more.

Without another word nor another thought, she threw herself from her tower. Her pristine white robes flew out behind her as she tumbled through the air, completing her journey to the arms of her love.

Watching her demise from outside the battlement wall was in fact the man she had thrown herself to her death to meet. Indeed he had survived the gauntlet the father of his love had challenged him with and he had returned to save her. Seeing she had given up on him filled him with a feeling he had not experienced before, that akin to resentment and confusion that she could not see her way to waiting for him, to trust in his redemption. His hopes dashed to the ground, he made a vow that he would not be so foolish in future. The man turned his back on the woman he had absurdly been so sure had loved him as he loved her, and determined to find true happiness with one who was worthy of his love. He set off across the fields, a strange happiness beginning to seep into his consciousness as he acknowledged it was better to have come to this revelation now than when it was too late to walk away.

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